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Register for free – network with others – shop online & regionally – order food at your restaurant, reserve a table and we will reward you with cashback for every activity!

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From March 1st, 2021
Become part of our community and generate cashback for all activities!

social network​

- Network and exchange - Create groups and invite friends - Create forum and lead discussions - Hold Zoom Meetings​


- Offer courses to other participants - Issue certificates - Educate yourself further through our experts - Create advantages for your career​


- Invite your club members - Create club group - Exchange pictures, videos - Make your Zoom broadcast live! - Support your club by shopping on sparissimo

Online Shopping

- Over 1500 online shops - Millions of products - Generate shopping and cashback - Shops from Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Regional Shops

- Shop on site at your favorite shop - Buy, order, pick up products on site or have it delivered - Support regional companies - Recommend us your favorite shop


- Order your food regionally - Pick up or have it delivered - Reserve a table and order food right away - Support your restaurant on site

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Become part of the community!

It doesn’t matter whether you shop online, order your food or bring someone to us. You always get involved. You don’t need to purchase a membership or sign up for it!

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Support us and recommend your favorite restaurant, shop, club. Thanks to your commitment, we strengthen the community and can benefit from it together.

Why sparissimo?

frequently asked Questions

We offer an online network like you already know from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. Here you can network with others, share content, post pictures and videos, send messages to others and create groups.

sparissimo is for individuals, companies, clubs and partners. This means you can register privately and share content or offer your products online with us as a company. Thanks to online and regional shopping, clubs can also generate cashback and thus indirectly generate income for the club.

sparissimo is free and remains free. You can register, network, create your own shop and benefit from the network.
As a company, however, you can also benefit from other services from us.
For example, we support restaurateurs with take away and delivery service solutions.

As with private users, you can register for free, open your own shop and offer products on sparissimo.

However, if you need help from us, we will be happy to visit you on site and look at an overall solution so that you can benefit from all the advantages. We are happy to do everything for you so that you can take care of your day-to-day business.

You can set up your restaurant for free under regional shops or we will visit you personally and show you how you can really generate sales. We offer unique solutions for restaurants so that you can become successful very quickly and offer take away or delivery service soon.

Our partners have the opportunity to present our products and services to companies and restaurants locally in their region and can passively build income. That means, thanks to your support, we will give you a share in all sales that we generate together and for the entire life.

You will also receive training from us, exchange with other partners, documents for sales and our team is available to you daily, in person, by phone and online.

The big advantage as a partner is that you can continue to train yourself as well as social media marketing, web design, sales etc. whereby you can also use these tools for your professional career.

Yes! We give you a share in all sales of your recommendation. Simply forward your referral link and as soon as someone registers, you will automatically be involved.

If you generate cashback on sparissimo, you can have it paid out to you or buy something with it in the regional shop. As a partner, you will also receive your own prepaid Visa card from us, where we will automatically top up the cashback for you and make it freely available!

You can also donate the cashback you have generated to a club on sparisismo or transfer it to one of your friends in real time.

Sparissimo currently has over 40 employees. Half of them are developers, programmers and the other half are back office employees who are available for your concerns from tomorrow to evening. We can be reached via live chat, phone and email.

In addition to this, we are expanding our partner program and we are counting on everyone who likes to share the same vision with us.

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