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Frequently asked questions

You will receive a code (e.g. AWESOME) that you must enter before you can complete your purchase (usually on the “Cart” or “Payment” screen). The field for entering the discount code is called “Discount Coupon”, “Discount Code” In some shops you have to be logged in to display this field. In addition, you also get cash back!

In this case, no code is required – the discount is automatically applied to the products of the website, ie the prices of the products are already shown with lower values. Shops can have two different behaviors: (A) Some show discounts on the value of the products in the listing (may show “from / to” or just the reduced price.

Sparissimo also lists the best deals for those who do business every day. In such cases, our voucher will not keep lowering prices (since these discounts are already reduced).

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